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The "10over22" represents pieces of ten songs from David Daniels over the last 22 years (1989-2011). It lasts, 24 minutes in a single MP3 file.
Take note that the download might be long, but once you have it you will hear a journey that is equal to a 30 minute TV show without
commercials, well that is in terms of time. Or as I like to think of it, some of the best moments of my recordings over the last 22 years.  
Most are taken from the albums that are represented from the above artwork
and some have never been released, particularly the last track which was meant to be a part of the "Garden State" Soundtrack.

10over22 - The Ten Song 24 Minute 22 Year Sample of David Daniels’ Music

Snippets of the Last 22 years of David’s Music (1989-2011)

What you will hear are parts of ten songs.  It is a mix of the old, older, the new and the newer, with the final two songs in full length, but that have never been released.   However this is not like a conventional 10 track outing,     this is indeed 1 track that blends for 24 minutes in the below order.  Many songs are simply snippets of the full song, but the final two are full in length, the last complete in all shapes and released here for the first time. 

David Daniels composes, produces, records and performs all of what you will hear, the exceptions are noted below. This mix includes the following ten song snippets of songs recorded over the last 22 years.

1.       A piece of: The Home Storm (Demo): David Daniels – all, with Ethan Daniels–additional drumming circa 2009/10 … as of 6/11 remains unreleased.  This is from 3D, more recent compositions and demos.

2.       [starting @ 1:03] A piece of: In My Mind: After Two; David Daniels – composition, vocals, keyboards | John Troyan – composition, keyboards, drumming, background voice … From After Two “Remastered, Time Flight” circa 1992, remastered release in 2003

3.       [starting @ 2:16] A piece of: Solitary Life: David Daniels – all … From “The Reflecting Pool” circa 2003

4.       [starting @ 4:23]  A piece of: David Daniels & The Shadow Ensemble – all … From “Somewhere To The West of Here” circa 2003, rereleased digitally in 2011

5.       [starting @ 5:43]  A piece of: The Morning: David Daniels – all … From “Dream State” originally recorded live to tape in 1990, remastered digitally in 2002

6.       [starting @ 6:55]  A piece of: Leave Me Now: David Daniels – all … Originally from “Roses & Violets” circa 1993, appears on “Fragments – Remastered Recordings 1989-1999” released in 2002

7.       [starting @ 8:15]  A piece of: Bound To Light (demo):  David Daniels – all … Originally written and recorded during the 2002 "Reflecting Pool" sessions, but it was ultimately booted from the final release.  It is now part of the forthcoming David Daniels musical that is under the working title “The Myth of The Rising”

8.       [starting @ 12:10]  A piece of: MonkeySqronk: David Daniels & The Shadow Ensemble – all … originally recorded circa 2005 as the follow-up to “somewhere from the west of here” known as the “TSE eastern sessions.” In 2005 DD was playing with Ian Smit and his improviser’s laboratory often, and that café live room was filled with MonkeyWorks Peckman people & Metlzer pieces.  This is a nod to that time.  Never released.

9.       [starting @ 13:32]  The complete picture sans vocals of: The Tower That Ate People: David Daniels – performance, production, recording, arrangement | Peter Gabriel – composition.   This was written and recorded by PG back in the 1990’s and was part of his OVO release that was commissioned by the Queen for the Millennium.   This is David’s cover of PG’s tune without the vocal, recorded circa 2004/05-ish. It may be finished someday for some special spot on a recording.   Until then, this is only place where it ever appears. Originally it was destined for a project that David never completed “Banner” (see the art for what is was meant to be below) and also meant to be  a part of “After The Fall”.   Many of the songs from the “Banner” and “Fall” sessions were and are being reworked to become part of what is now that musical work in progress “The Myth of The Rising.”  Many songs from this era have never been published.

10.   [starting @ 18:21]  The complete and unreleased version of: Breathe In (Breathless Mix): Frou Frou & David Daniels -  Imogen Heap – composition, vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, drums, percussion, samples | Guy Sigsworth – composition, drums, percussion, acoustic guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, sampling | David Daniels – producer, remix engineer, ‘electric sky guitar,’ ebow, synth bass, drum programming, keyboards, sampling.  Recorded circa 2002, this remix from Frou Frou’s debut album was driven by an introduction through MCA and Sony.  It was meant to be the end credits tune for Zach Braff’s movie “Garden State,”  The soundtrack of that film ultimately went onto to win a Grammy.  Sadly, this recording was dropped by the label in favor of the straight ahead “Let Go” for the closing credits, as at the time it was thought this would continue to propel the Frou Frou album forward when the Braff film was finally released in 2004.   This remixed version has been heard by few and complications prevent me from pushing it anywhere but in a mix like this … I hope you enjoyed it … Frou Frou was a great band while they lasted.  Hear Frou Frou's original version of this track here.

Banner - David Daniels unreleased

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