about David Daniels
David Daniels
For the past three decades David Daniels has been writing and
recording songs that cross genres. 
From the early 1980's synth-pop band After Two, to collaborating with the acclaimed jazz collective MonkeyWorks, soundtrack work and his ambient and world-music efforts, Daniels' often self-produced efforts challenge conventional music boundaries. 

aniels grew up in a home filled with music,
where he was quickly drawn to the sounds of jazz greats, such as Miles Davis, the orchestral musings of the progressive rock scene that included Genesis, Gabriel, Eno, Fripp's Crimson and then the polished new wave pop sounds of the 1980's followed which all were all wrapped in the conventional folk and rock of The Band, Lennon/McCartney and the like.  

A musician and songwriter Da
niels is largely self-taught playing a wide mix of instruments from guitars to keyboards and percussion.  Breaking from the conventions of formal training, Daniels relies on sound layering techniques to morph typical guitar and synthesizer sounds into an adventurous tapestry of tones and burbles.  

Based in NJ, Daniels owns and
operates the digital production facility, The Shenandoah Fortress of Solitude, and is a founding member of the independent artists network, BanyanMusic.  In David's spare time away from music, he is is co-founder and CEO of The Relevancy Group, LLC

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