dream state

this is dd's first foray into ambient instrumental music. recorded in 1990 dream state was digitally remastered in 2002.  Upate 2011 to this content: "The Morning" is still a favorite today, particularly because 20 years ago the devices and 4-track cassette tape seem so primative now. from the bright sounds of day to the dark sounds of night, dream state combines live performance of samples and sounds in a simple four track tape machine.

1. dream state, parts I-V
- deep sleep
- dream
- before the dawn
- awake
- begin
2. the morning  
3. dusk, parts I-III  
- sunset
- night
- night sounds
          total running time 23 minutes

 David Daniels - Dream State  The Music of David Daniels

SORRY OUT OF STOCK, There Are More Coming

audio snippets are extracted from the full songs and are only available in MP3 format.


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