fragments - remastered recordings 1989-1999

during the 1990's dd produced five separate solo 'albums.' fragments represents a collection of dd's raw vocal demo songs during this time. This collection draws primarily from three separate sessions "time alone" "blue skies" and "rose and violets." fragments also contain two new dd songs from 2002, "circle of tears" (full song below) and "mighty won" both of which feature dd's children.

1. leave me now (1993) Audio Snippet  
2. circle of tears (*NEW 2002*) full song  
3. roses and violets (1993) Audio Snippet  lyrics
4. our love is gone (1993)  lyrics
5. make it by (1989) [demo] Audio Snippet  
6. one good reason (1991) [demo]  
7. on and on (1991) [demo]    
8. paradise (1993)  
9. wrong (1993)    lyrics
10. i can't tell (1989) [early demo] full song  lyrics
11. give you my love (1993) Audio Snippet  lyrics
12. don't feel alone (1993) [for A]    lyrics
13. tonight (1991) Audio Snippet  lyrics
14. unconditional love (1991)  lyrics
15. love me (1993)  lyrics
16. meaning of it all (1991)    
17. blue skies (1991)    
18. the mighty won (*NEW 2002*) Audio Snippet  

 David Daniels - Fragments Remastered Recordings - The Music of David Daniels

SORRY OUT OF STOCK, There Are More Coming

full songs and audio snippets are extracted from this CD and are only available here in MP3 format.

Other Songs Perfomed In This Era Included

You Know What I Mean (*copyright owned by Phil Collins, Hit and Run LTD) ... This track is _not_ included on "fragments - remastered recordings 1989-1999"

The Wedding Song (written & performed by David Daniels in 1991, incomplete-to have been played at that ceremony, however these themes were used _not_ on "fragments")

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