the reflecting pool

a seventy minute musical journey that culminates in a web of worldly sounds, dark textures, shiny tones and funky ambient grooves.  

dd is joined on 'tied' by Monkeyworks reed man Steve Peckman & the then young Ethan Daniels can be heard on track 4 in an backward kind of way.

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1. 8:30 AM


8:30 AM @ iTunes   
2. on the ground

on the ground @ iTunes   
3. solomon's party   solomon's party @ iTunes  
4. intention in tension   intention in tension @ iTunes  
5. in this moment

in this moment @ iTunes  lyrics
6. the reflecting pool   the reflecting pool @ iTunes  
7. field of souls   field of souls @ iTunes  
8. tuesday's wake

tuesday's wake @ iTunes   
9. tied

tied @ iTunes  lyrics
10. across the green line   across the green line @ iTunes  
11. on the ground-part 2 | the second day   on the ground | the second day @ iTunes  
12. solitary life

solitary life @ iTunes  lyrics
13. marching in   marching in @ iTunes  
14. dust bowl

dust bowl @ iTunes   
15. kabul  ALL kabul @ iTunes  
16. the faceless return | solomon's reprise  ALL the faceless return | solomon's reprise  
17. in the presence of yesterday

in the presence of yesterday @ iTunes   
18. 8:30 PM   8:30 PM @ iTunes  

total running time 71 minutes

 The Reflecting Pool - The Music of David Daniels

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