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My 2K decade is fading. After  "The Shadow Ensemble" and the unreleased "The Myth Of The Rising", which are the final 2nd/3rd acts of "The Reflecting Pool" arc, I selfishly moved onto writing new material. Know that  "The Myth Of The Rising" (3rd act of the arc) is about 80% done, the orchestra bits have been tracked, winds are done sans the final vocal.  However of late in 2011, "The Myth Of The Rising" is being reworked into as a musical.
However before "The Myth Of The Rising" can be finished, the focus in 2010 for me, were some of the songs below.   Written and recordeded  between 11/09 & 11/10, These are snippets from "The House of D" sessions. 

These tracks below are unfinished but often include Ashley and Ethan Daniels. Below are writing demos and early mixes of these sessions. Some feel ''done' and others are close to an island without a lifeboat.  Some tracks have more, some less, but know that all are demo moments in this mess of new construction. Enjoy! 2010 The Year That Was!
David Daniels Demos-2010 "House of D Sessions"
All instruments and performance by DD except as noted *
--- All Lyrics, Music and Composition by David Daniels --- Except +
1."Miracle w-AD [edit]" *Ashley Daniels - Vocals, Ethan Daniels - Bass Guitar (intro/chorus)
2. "Home-aka Storm Session" *Ethan Daniels - Drumming and Groove |(note these are demo lyrics-particularly the repeated verse lyrics)
3."The Love Can [writing edit]" snippet of a writing demo track
4."Last Paradise [snippet A]" *Ashley Daniels - Lead Vocals
5. "Don't Know Why" *Ashley Daniels - Lead Vocals/co-Producer, Tom O'Brien - Keyboards/Producer + composed by Jessie Harris
Ashley Daniels
David Daniels Demos - 3D 2010
David Daniels In The Studio
Above: DD November 2010 Mashpee, MA  PLAY THE MP3 Steinberger Synapse Transcale Baritone GTR Thru Digitech Panel
Below: Ethan Daniels Recording In Mashpee, MA 2010     Mark Hoppas Custom Fender Bass GTR (jazz/precision combo) thru Line6
Ethan Daniels
Left: Ashley Daniels singing Norah Jones "Dont Know Why" at The Collier Showcase, Morganville, NJ 12.2010>

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